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Soul of Life, Heart of Black.
The heart that never beats,
the soul that doesn't move,
the wind that doesn't weave,
and the flowers that don't love.
The light that doesn't meet,
the heart inside us all,
blocked forever by a door,
that only we create.
The bride walks down the road,
her heart forever locked,
forced to love forever,
never to see again.
When her fate was met,
she faced it with might,
she tried her best,
but lost at night.
She was lost,
the paper of marriage forever binding.
The twisted man,
keeping her bright soul.
The light doesn't penetrate,
the heart of a cold man.
So she was lost,
in a sea of black.
The flower wilts,
with the loss of her soul,
crumbling down,
forever shrouded.
The man stood,
Blocking the light,
Keeping her for him,
Only for one.
She wilted under the dark,
her soul dieing inside,
only a carcus left,
of one that once was.
She dies,
slowly on the stone,
the light fading,
the man gaining.
Her eyes close,
the light lost to the dark.
Once one that was so bright,
now dead in the dark.
:iconausteyunicorn:AusteyUnicorn 0 0
The boy.
There once was a little boy,
who dared to decline the line,
so he walked inside,
and took a sight,
and now he belongs to the night.
:iconausteyunicorn:AusteyUnicorn 0 0
Red Man.
The leafs fell upon the bloody red scene,
floating, dancing in the crimson mist,
the flesh rot's festers on the bones,
as the men remain silent on the cold dead floor.
Birds fly and squawk, feeding on the rotting flesh,
but why, my heart cries, did they ignore my quest,
from the red man himself, the warning was told,
the consequence was grave, for not heading my warn.
I walked in the moonlit night, cold crisp air hitting my face,
the leafs dancing around me, my cloak flying,
the red man stood on the crimson mist, eyes flowing red,
his hideous laugh echoing in the dead melancholy mist.
:iconausteyunicorn:AusteyUnicorn 0 0
Crimson Haiku
Crimson red rain falls,
forever staining the dark,
our souls in the wind.
:iconausteyunicorn:AusteyUnicorn 0 2
My protected heart.
Love is horrid,
A black abyss of doubt,
The candle might burn,
brighter then our love,
But the stars,
may-not reach my heart,
The chains build up,
the wall being built,
I refuse to fall again,
To crash to the ground,
The somber clouds block my heat.
I shall die alone,
the white sand of time passing bye.
with the chains surrounding me.
it echos thought the past,
forever in the peaceful dark.
:iconausteyunicorn:AusteyUnicorn 0 2
ThisIsAustey :iconausteyunicorn:AusteyUnicorn 1 0
Two versions of a Haiku.
Somber clouds floating,
forever blocking the light,
casting the dark shadow.
Second version :
Comber clouds floating,
forever blocking the lights,
piercing the dark blue.
:iconausteyunicorn:AusteyUnicorn 0 0
The dark hand.
The dark hand reached up,
and grasped the mind and heart of man.
It cradled our kind,
rocking our subconscious into a dark sleep,
only the brave can survive,
break the surface,
and release the light.
:iconausteyunicorn:AusteyUnicorn 2 1
AusteyIsMe :iconausteyunicorn:AusteyUnicorn 4 1
My life in four Haiku's
The Darkness crept up,
threatening my existence,
burning my very soul.
I was eaten away,
the darkness destroying me,
the death nearing me.
Melancholy beats,
somber days outside my heart,
the gloom destroying me.
The darkness clawed away,
the light warming my essence,
for once the light shown.
:iconausteyunicorn:AusteyUnicorn 3 0
Only once upon can one tell,
that love is real,
forever lasting the bonds of time,
until death pulls our binds.
I wish you a farewell,
forever in love,
remember me,
in your sweet dreams.
:iconausteyunicorn:AusteyUnicorn 1 0
Loving Tree.
Love has been spoken,
Love has been faked.
The tree grows,
Mother Earth cradling it in her loving arms.
It lives on,
the love flowing, forever transferring this feeling.
The coupel sleeps under its loveing arms,
the warmth of love circling ,
forever loving.
:iconausteyunicorn:AusteyUnicorn 0 0
Fire of Freedom.
The frosted heavens rain above us,
freezing the light that dares to capture our freedom,
the fire heats our hearts,
breaking the bond of ice,
and we soar higher then life,
the sky our only limit.
:iconausteyunicorn:AusteyUnicorn 0 0
Butterfly poem.
The butterfly,
it flutters in the field,
its life meaningless in the eyes of the universe,
yet it flys,
forever into the distance.
:iconausteyunicorn:AusteyUnicorn 3 0

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